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With more than 50 clips under our belt, Music Video Director and Producer, Lincoln Williams and his video company, Fotomedia,  have had a long association with the music industry. Even going back to Pete Murray before he moved to Melbourne and hit the big time. If you are considering making a music video, we encourage you to contact us for free quote and discussion.A music clip these days is considered just as important as the music itself with all the television outlets and social media platforms. With the new wave of DSLR  and slow motion camera equipment, we have been able to create a cinematic look to all our recent clips with shifting focus and minimum depth of field, mimicking the 35mm format.



Steven Jaymes

Steven Jaymes is a dedicated singer/songwriter based in Brisbane. In Steven’s live shows he mixes up the dynamic drafting in talented session players for each of his shows. The idea behind “Things get better” was to show the lighter side of playing with an ensemble. The clip was shot on the Canon 5D with minimal lighting, 1 x redhead with CTB to match the daylight spill from the windows. We wanted to capture the mood by using the majority of available light within the location. Other Music Video Productions Fotomedia have produced for Steven include;

Can’t Remember to Forget – Little Love – Drift Away – Things Get Better – Going Back to Mexico - Live at Lefties

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You can see more of Steven’s work at

► Steven Jaymes – Things get better (Official Music Video)


McKenzie Comer

In 2012  Fotomedia was engaged as the Video Company to edit the raw footage shot by camera operator Serg. The music video “You Do That to Me” has had 28000 hits on youtube.



The Rollerball clip was shot on Digital Betacam. The reason for this is we used a 13ft jib arm and the motors and gearing required a Broadcast Lens. DOP Steve Isaacs was kind enough to donate his gear for the shoot. He operated all the crane shots and Director Lincoln Williams shot the cutaways after the jib are was wrapped. Fleet lighting supplied the lighting equipment, 2 x HMI 2.5k par lamps with a heap of atmos smoke. The location shots were in Pinkenba, that hidden suburb beyond the Brisbane airport. The Band required a gritty desaturated product to suit the style of the music and we believe we achieved that with “we always slide“.

► Rollerball – We always slide (Official Music Video)



Princy wrote this great track in his home studio, and in conjunction with soundrevolution (Daniel Fowler) auditioned and hired EX Australian Idol contestant Kayla Vanzetta. Fotomedia were involved early in the process brainstorming with the guys to work out the locations and shooting times. The idea was to select iconic locations around the gold coast as the clip was funded by RADF (Arts Queensland). To fulfil their requirements, we had to promote the destination, therefore the beach, the hinterland, the city lights all became part of this catchy colourful clip.

Princy feat. Kayla Vanzetta – Go! (Official Music Video)

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