Sci-fi… This genre has been around for a very long time. Jules Vern, the French poet and novelist pioneered this genre with literary works like ‘Journey to the centre of the Earth’, ‘ From the Earth to the moon’, and ‘Twenty thousand leagues under the sea’. And not to forget the major influence H.G. Wells has also had on the genre with his famous literary works of ‘The time machine’ and ‘The War of the Worlds’. Personally, Star Wars had a major influence on me growing up and I can basically recite all the dialogue throughout “A new Hope” before the actors say them.


Visual effects play a major and important role in sci-fi movies, as most of the technology hasn’t been invented yet, it needs to be created in the computer!


Sci-fi short films are often a spring board for film makers to get their feature length movies produced. A recent example of this method is the sci-fi movie District 9. This started out as a short film created by director Neill Blomkamp and was seen by Peter Jackson, who then later produced the feature length movie of the same story.


Recently, while searching for some cool visual effects examples, I came across this short film, ‘Ambition’, which I think will be picked up in some form or another to make a feature length film version. The visual effects are stunning and the story intriguing, especially since NASA has recently landed a space craft on a comet in real life! Check it out, and yes, that is the whorehouse owner guy from Game of Thrones!