A Short Film By House Special. I have been talking a lot about animation lately and this will be no exception. Shooting live action and animation are different mediums to create the same outcome, whether it is to inspire, make us laugh, inform, scare, cry or fall in love, it doesn’t matter about how it was created, all that matters is the effect it has on the viewer. I find that filming a live action shoot is somewhat of a documentary style of creativeness. Yes, the scenes are scripted and created, but in essence the camera is filming a scene in real time. On the other hand animation all comes from the imagination of the creator. A person needs to think of an idea and basically create everything that is to be seen on screen. The crossover of these two mediums is becoming more and more blurred with the amount of green screen and visual effects in movies, but it is nothing new. Ever since the dawn of cinema visual effects and animation have played a major part in telling stories.

While looking for reference for a job, I came across this funny animation created recently. It’s short, sweet and funny.