Fotomedia provides animation services in-house from our Brisbane & Gold Coast studios. Whether your project requires 2D or 3D animated characters, motion graphics, integration of live action and visual effects, Fotomedia can bring them to life and help convey your message to your audience. From animation concept creation to using existing designs, we can provide you with creative and engaging animated solutions.

Visual FX encompasses a wide range of production and post-production animated elements that can be manipulated and composited into the final imagery or be a completely computer generated world within the computer.


Text, graphs, data, photographs, footage and computer generated imagery can also be brought to life in the computer, giving your project that extra element of kinetic energy and engagement for your target audience.


Fotomedia’s in-house animation team has extensive experience in creating that extra element of visual fx for productions across a broad range of work. Whether animated characters, infographics, motion graphics, visualisations, integration of computer generated imagery into live action footage, chat to us and we can provide you with a solution that suits your needs and budget.

Fotomedia provide animation solutions for a range of clients including large corporations, brilliant start-ups, government agencies and professional sports teams. We create engaging animated content across a huge variety of formats including:

  • Character Design
  • Environment Design
  • Character Animation
  • 3D & 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Motion Tracking
  • Visual Effects VFX
  • Logo Animation
  • Compositing
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