No matter how much planning or meetings we have, shooting on location can sometimes be very unpredictable.


Case in point, we were approached by Army Intelligence to create a recruitment video for 2015. So we had meeting to chat about what will be filmed and the tone of the video that they require. Once we arrived on set we were surprised to hear that the scenario we were meant to shoot (a smallish attack on a village compound training area) had changed to an ambush scenario on about 70 soldiers who had ‘gone bush’ for three weeks and were coming home on their last day. We were told that we would have to hide and not show ourselves until the ‘action’ had started. So Elise and I were taken off the beaten track to a grassy section where we needed to hide until the soldiers turned up. Linc and Scott were hiding up higher in the valley, next to a 50 calibre machine gun! So, we waited…..and waited…then it began to rain. Elise and I were trying to cover the expensive camera from getting wet, while trying to stay positive by telling jokes with the Army dude there to look after us. Then he got a call on his radio from the snipers up on the ridge that the soldiers were heading our way! The soldier dude got up and told us that when an explosion goes off we were okay to move from our hiding place and film the soldiers being attacked. So he left and Elise and I were alone waiting for an explosion that we didn’t know where or how big it was going to be…Then suddenly BOOM!! It went off and at the same time the rain started to pour down. Soldiers aiming their guns were coming out of the forest and Elise and I were on the move trying to film while explosions, men shouting and gun fire was all around us… Not that we could hear anything with the industrial strength ear plugs in our ears! Elise would tap me on the shoulder to point the camera in the direction of any action that was cool to film and both of us were praying that the camera was okay in the rain.


After about 45 minutes of confusion and adrenalin the gun shots ended and it was over. We were soaked to the core and pumped from the morning shoot. Unfortunately, we had to do more filming (interviews) in the afternoon, so Linc went to the local op-shop and bought us all clothes that were from the 70’s and we continued the rest of the day shooting in dry clothes.


In the end, it was a great shoot and we all had a great time. More shoots like that please!