7 Easy Tips To Boost Your Instagram Engagement

When it comes to maximising your social media strategy, creating relevant and timely content is only half the battle. If you want to really see a difference in brand engagement, you’ll need to use the right tactics. Here’s 7 of our tried-and-true strategies guaranteed to help to get you on top of your game!

1. Analyse.

We use Icon square, an Instagram-only analytics tool that provides us with super useful metrics like our average number of likes and comments, follower gain and loss, and hashtag performance. It also helps us to determine the perfect times to post.

2. Simplify your filters.

Choose one or two different filters and try to alternate between them every time you post a photo. This is a great way to keep your profile looking cohesive. Bonus points if the filters you pick align with your brand identity!

3. Consistency is key.

If you’re looking to gain more followers, you’ll need to make sure you keep it consistent. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal audience. Are you able to tell what your page is about within a couple of seconds? If the answer is no, keep fine-tuning your content until you think it accurately reflects what your brand is about.

4. Hashtag like your life depended on it.

Never underestimate the power of hashtags! Using the right terms on the right photos can often mean the difference between 15 likes and 50. Just don’t go overboard, or your photo might end up looking like spam. Even using long-tail hash-tags that are specific and detailed to mix things up across your posts.

5. Like, like, like.

Neil Patel, American social influencer and entrepreneur, found that for every 100 random pictures he liked, he received 6.1 more followers. Pick a few key hashtags that are relevant to your target audience, and set yourself a goal for how many random pictures you’ll like. We recommend taking the time to do this every day. It only takes a fraction of a second to double tap that screen, and in our experience, it’s absolutely worth it.

6. Interact with your followers. 

It is important to connect with your followers by listening and interacting on a regular basis. This may be by liking or replying to their comment or responding to their DM to draw their attention in your content. By showing and listening to your followers will help gain loyalty and online conversation.

7. Write creative or long captions.

A way to increase the time people spend on observing yours post can come down by writing engaging creative captions or even longer captions. This then increases engagement due to the algorithm of ‘time spent of post.’

By following these tips on how to boost your Instagram engagement you will not only build an engaged and trusted community, but you will be able to build your audience organically.