Amy Shark has picked up a 2017 ARIA nomination for the music clip DRIVE YOU MAD, produced by Fotomedia.

When Amy Shark approached Fotomedia to do the DRIVE YOU MAD clip, she was genuinely excited at the prospect of for filling a storyline she had thought through time and time again. In the initial briefing she had storyboarded the entire clip. There were skeletons, levitation, and a beach scene that didn’t make the final edit but in essence the final product was true to that initial storyline.

Fotomedia’s commitment was to capture and post produce a storyline with the right emotion, and visually represent Amy’s character in the best light.


One thing I noticed with Amy is how well she fell into character everytime the camera was on. Her actions were subtle but very unique which makes the clip her own.”

Lincoln Williams DOP

Amy Shark - Drive You Mad

DRIVE YOU MAD was filmed on the Arri Alexa with an old set of Lomo anamorphic lenses. The lighting was entirely natural (excluding the performance scene), which gives a real sense of urban reality.

This gritting street style has earn’t Amy Shark an ARIA nomination, and we at Fotomedia are proud to have contributed to her success.

Amy Shark - Drive You Mad

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DRIVE YOU MAD is off the EP Night Thinker through Wonderlick Entertainment.

Director: Amy Billings
Director of Photography: Lincoln Williams
Assistant DOP: Lachlan Stanesby
Producer: Amy Billings / Fotomedia
Editor: Chris Browne / Amy Billings
Colourist: Chris Browne
Hair & Makeup: Erin Panitz

Amy Shark - Drive You Mad