Dramatic advances in technology has become an everyday part of life. My kids now have their own laptop that they take to school, where when I was going through high school our class had to all get on a bus to the “technology centre” and take it in turns to have a go on the computer. We even had a class that was only to practice typing on word processors, not computers! And we all thought it was a girly subject and only girls would need to type… Ah, the ignorance (and somewhat sexist) thoughts of a high school boy.

These days we lap up technology as much as we can and for our industry the rate of change is amazing. However, at Fotomedia we work towards creating the best story we can, while the tools we use are only there to help us, not dictate the story. In saying that, check out this latest technology for motion tracking and visual projection mapping on this lady’s face. A little freaky but very interesting.