A short film by Rob Whitworth. Time-lapse videos are always great to watch and at Fotomedia we have filmed some beautiful Queensland scenery in time-lapse, however recently I found the work of Rob Whitworth which totally blew my mind. He uses a relatively new technique he calls ‘Flow Motion’. In this video Rob takes us on a journey through Dubai, starting on an aeroplane; he even gets inside the cockpit to film, which is unbelievable in itself and then takes us on a technically astounding and visually stunning travel log of Dubai.

Time-lapse videos are created by taking hundreds (sometimes thousands in Rob’s case) photos and placing them on a editing timeline so that they play in sequential order. Each shot can be taken at different intervals depending on the visual content, sometimes 5seconds for very fast moving scenery to 60sec and above. Up until now most time-lapse was taken with the camera stationary or moving slightly on a dolly or slider, however Rob’s camera magically moves through the air and across vast sand dunes and to seemingly impossible heights and locations. If you have a couple of minutes it is well worth the time to watch his videos and let your mind be blown away!