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Fotomedia is a professional Graphic Design Studio in Brisbane and Gold Coast with a team of in-house graphic designers. First impressions are everything. It is vital that your business makes the right one. Excellent graphic design can turn heads your way. That’s why we are experts in turning your knowledge and ideas into beautiful and engaging visual communication.

Our team of talented graphic designers can help you to capture your audience at first glance. We can create a corporate identity for your brand that will leave a distinct and lasting impression on your clients, from logos, business cards, letterheads, and corporate stationery. We are also highly skilled in creating booklets, brochures, billboards, posters, flyers, newsletters, magazines, press ads, apps, and websites.


After thorough research on our clients, we will brainstorm our ideas and get to work on creating an innovative design concept. We can work with your own marketing material, or come up with a design that is new and fresh.


We carefully consider the messages you want to send, and align our designs with your company values. We thoughtfully use colour, typography, icons, textures, and shapes. We do not believe in using pre-designed templates for our clients. Instead, we are committed to delivering a design that is highly original.


No matter the medium, our vibrant and dynamic designs are sure to instantly attract an audience.


Fotomedia works with a broad range of clients – professional sports franchises, small start-ups and government agencies – on delivering graphic design solutions including:

If you are looking for a Graphic Design Studio in Brisbane or Gold Coast, see how Fotomedia can help with your next graphic design project by calling us on 07 3107 1636 or emailing [email protected]

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