Graphic Design Studio

Fotomedia’s Graphic Design Studio Brisbane & Gold Coast provides a diverse range of business-focuses design solutions. From simple business collateral like business cards and logos, to full car wraps, billboards and complete image redesigns.


First impressions are everything. For your business to make a big impact and to take hold of the market, it’s essential to have an effective and impactful image. Fotomedia’s award-winning designers have this as a constant thought from the very first pencil sketch to the delivery of the finished product.


Our designers strive to imbue client experience, knowlege and ideas into beautiful, engaging visual communication. Distinctive and differentiating graphic design is one of the most impactful contributions offered by Fotomedia to ensure clients stand out in their target markets.


Fotomedia’s Graphic Design Studio Brisbane & Gold Coast ensures your business’ image stands out across any medium. Corporate stationary, business cards, vehicle wraps, billboards, print, digital, animation, film, press and signage are just some of the collateral applicable for your business needs.