CONGRATULATIONS to the SP HUNTERS for another great season in the QLD Intrust Super Cup.

It’s cold and rainy for Papua New Guinea (PNG). While not quite the PNG the crew have experienced in the past, it’s the perfect setting for this year’s SP Hunters commercial nevertheless.

Formed around the idea of the SP Hunters gathering from around the nation, pre-season training is as harsh and cruel as the volcanic environment which surrounds them.

Shot at the base of Tavurvur , an active volcano found in Kokopo, PNG, the crew huddled together under umbrellas to shoot scenes of the boys pushing themselves to the limit. There are no stunt doubles in this production – the Hunters strength and endurance is an unstoppable force. Take after take, the Hunters endured the harsh conditions of filming a commercial. Take after take the crew fought the pouring rain and battled to keep the equipment dry!

This one was certainly an adventure. Walking on volcanic ground is bizarre…it crunches under your feet and yet seems bouncy. Looking up to the smoke billowing around the top of the volcano, you wonder what the signs of an eruption are…the locals don’t seem worried… so neither do we? We did almost lose a camera to the rain but thankfully won that battle!

These national warriors are strong and fearless, and so are our crew.