For the last 8 years Fotomedia has been traveling throughout Papua New Guinea, exploring it’s wondrous land and meeting some of the most amazing people on the planet. And we’ve only seen a glimpse of its nation! Traveling to Port Moresby, Kokopo, and Alotau.

Some describe PNG as the Wild West, it’s terrain is filled with untouched land guarded by bounteous mountains. Clouds roll in and around it’s country, with a constant threat of storms on the horizon. These make for some epic time lapses! As the clouds roll through the sky, they reveal the grandeur of the mountains. Standing far off, capturing nature’s show, a sense of wonderment can overcome you. This place is naturally spectacular. Ok, so there may be some smells that don’t meet you with a smile but this land and it’s people, meet you with a welcoming grin and anyone with a sense of adventure leaps past its smells into the land of the unexpected.

In April this year the team traveled to Port Moresby to film and photograph the Digicel Cup 2015 campaign. The Digicel Cup is the national rugby league competition. With its ardent love for rugby league, touring with the nations rugby league captains was like traveling with royalty or rockstars. Needless to say these men are heroes in the eyes on many.

Ensuring budgets did not blow out, captains from each team traveled to Port Moresby from across the nation. The production team sourced different locations in and around Port Moresby that would represent the expansive terrain of PNG. Each captain stood with his tribes people to represent their team, their province and their people.

The shoot was like any other adventure this land seems to dish out. Each location laying out it’s own obstacle course. The days are hot and humid, the insects can come at you from every direction but boy is it fun hauling gear, swiping mosquitoes and clearing a way for the track and dolly. People gather from out of no where and all of a sudden we are out on location, on set and the director calls action.

Hope you enjoy a glimpse of the Behind the Scenes Digicel Cup 2015 campaign.