Our brand and style guides are designed to provide anybody who reads them with an understanding of who your company is. It is an integral part of any business when it comes to marketing, because it details the way your brand will be represented to your current clients, future prospects, and the market as a whole.


When creating a brand and style guide for your business, our collective communication goal is to produce coordinated and consistent material that supports the goals, values, and ideals of your brand, which is instrumental in building your strong and powerful corporate identity and separating your brand from your competitors.


Once we have completed the design of a client’s corporate identity, we present them with a comprehensive brand and style guide, with detailed instructions on how the client can implement their company brand on a day-to-day basis – on documents, presentations, letterheads, email signatures, marketing material, and online. We provide all of our clients with thorough information on the do’s and don’ts of using your new corporate identity, so that your branding is represented with consistency across a diverse range of platforms. We include specifics on all facets of your new corporate identity, from typefaces, brand colour palettes, fonts, imagery and mood boards.


Ensure your corporate identity leaves a lasting impression wherever your clientele sees it.