When Digiel Fiji were about to roll-out the best mobile and data deals Fiji had ever seen, they asked us for some fresh ideas that would catch local attention and get people talking.




We pitched a range of crazy ideas and were absolutely thrilled when Digicel agreed to push the limits on this one.
The packages Digicel were about to roll-out would ultimately inspire customers to switch to using their service (if they hadn’t been already). So we thought, why not create a giant red switch that literally says your about to switch to Digicel?… that’s where the ‘Making the Switch’ campaign began.


‘Making the Switch’ plays on the notion that everyone has a group of tiny people (representing their emotions) in their brain, behind a control panel, listening in and making the big decisions. Driven by defined emotions in each commercial (Happy, Sad, Angry or Fear) and the absurdity of a giant brain set, this campaign was designed to look like nothing Fiji had ever seen before.




Conceptualising and working with set Designers, we built a massive human brain set in a studio on the Gold Coast. We then casted some of Fiji’s finest talent; Social media comedy sensations Roq & Cav and even the stunning 2016 Miss World Fiji herself, Pooja Priyanka.


Shooting on-locating at beaches and parks and then inside ‘The Brain’ itself, our team composted our cast multiple times on screen, to achieve the illusion they were talking to copies of themselves at the control panel.


This complex and unique concept was a blast to create, Digicel thought so too, so we even created some fun social media content showcasing the behind the scenes antics on-set.


Read more about behind the scenes on the Digicel Fiji shoot here and watch the three TVCs below.