With the recent launch of Digicel Play, a subscription-based TV platform across the South Pacific, Digicel engaged Fotomedia to produce a series of 28 animations promoting the new service. Animations in the series were also to include catchy instructional videos for new customers with clear information.




To keep on-brand, Fotomedia created elements for the animations based on the series of coloured ‘fraxels’, or diamonds, throughout the Digicel brand. Many of the animations required 3D elements such as televisions and computers, as well as the Digicel Play Box itself, in which we also animated the content on screens to assist with information. Final animations are simple, punchy and upbeat, yet effective.
On the client’s request, Fotomedia also created and delivered various sizes of each animation in order to display on a portrait-oriented screen, and widescreen cinema versions.

Digicel Play