Fotomedia can create compelling and visually striking email newsletters for your company, providing you with end-to-end service throughout the entire process of design, development, copywriting, and publication. We use your brand guidelines to reinforce your corporate identity, and create content that is designed with your key audience in mind.


We can create and store a template for future newsletters to ensure that subsequent editions stay consistent, and that the design process becomes more efficient over time. We can also design unique icons and graphics so the reader can easily identify different sections or features in your newsletter.


We take care of the copywriting process; whether you have a loose outline of news and information you want to include or a whole pre-written document, we will edit, proofread, and fine-tune each sentence, highlighting key information and maximizing readability. Once they are finalized, our newsletters are sent to the email databases provided by our clients.


Whether they are intended for internal or external use, our dynamic email newsletter designs allow for clear and effective communication with your current and prospective clientele, that will engage your target audience and accurately reflect your corporate culture.