Fotomedia has had a long relationship with Evolve Skateboards producing a video for the launch their first Electric Skateboard, the Generation 1, “Bamboo Series”. “Evolves founder Jeff Anning came to us and gave us free reign to come up with something that would blow some minds, and I think we did that with their first video, and since then they have gone from strength to strength,” Lincoln Williams recalls. That first video had instant success with 28,000 views in its first month.


The “Bamboo Series” won an award for cinematography at the Annual ACS Awards in Queensland. In total Fotomedia’s video contribution to Evolve Skateboards has in excess of 80,000 hits on Youtube..


The brief for this project was to create a series of videos for Evolve Skateboards to promote their Brand and their range of Electric Skateboards. Fotomedia has produced a range of videos to promote the Bamboo, Carbon, and more recently the Bustin series skateboards. They are all founded on great cinematography with the use of slow motion and narrow depth of field. The product shots feed off the quality build with macro and animated 360% rotations showing off the sleek and rad design.

Evolve Skateboards