G8 Education

G8 Education approached the animation team at Fotomedia to create a fun and energetic animated TVC campaign for one of their child care centre franchises – Nurture One. Their main request was to have the look and feel of the TVC as a paper cut-out set and characters, all animated to their own ‘jingle’.


After reviewing the Nurture One brand guidelines we came up with a look and feel that would incorporate their established colours and shapes. We then designed the characters that would populate the sets. The approached we took for this TVC was to have the set created in 3D and the characters animated in 2D and combining the two within 3D space. This posed challenges in the lighting and timing of the animation to the 3D camera moves, but the result was a dynamic TVC, capturing the fun atmosphere of the Nurture One centres.


Subsequent to the success of this TVC G8 Education engaged Fotomedia to develop another TVC for another one of their child care centres. Both TVC’s can be viewed below: