North East Waste

Fotomedia was approached by North East Waste to develop a TVC campaign which would inform the public about numerous Community Recycling Centres around NSW. We developed a 3D animated campaign that had a distinct look and feel that would fit in well with the messaging and target audience of the campaign.


The original campaign was so successful that a subsequent version of the TVC was created, as well as a number of social media assets for local councils to use. The NSW Environmental Protection Agency also engaged Fotomedia to further develop the project to create a social media advertising campaign for them to promote the Community Recycling Centres benefits and features.


Client Feedback:

“The team at Fotomedia listened to our needs and ideas and then applied their considerable creative talent and know how to come up with a quality product. It so ‘hit the mark’ that its original distribution area of the NSW mid and north coast has been expanded with roll out occurring across most of the state.”
Karen Rudkin – CRC Project Officer – North East Waste