The Queensland Department of Science approached Fotomedia with a request to create a sizzle piece for an awards night that would inform the science community and public about the breadth of science across Queensland. An important concept that Queensland Science wanted to convey was the human face behind all the great science departments in Queensland.




The branding for the Queensland Department of Science has the brain synapse – microscope type imagery, so we decided to utilize this as a device to depict the connections between all of the different researchers and how they all contribute to the great research conducted in Queensland.
We created a 3D version of the synapse and duplicated it within a bluish 3D world. We then placed panels with photographs of all the researches within that world, along a camera flying through to give the edit kinetic energy. We added depth of field blur as well to give the animation a greater sense of flying through the synapse and focusing on what we wanted the audience to see, as the synapse were firing off with bursts of light.
To finish off we added an aboriginal themed music track to give it a very Australian/Queensland feel.

Queensland Government Department of Science