Tiki the Fishergirl is a unique 26 x 7′ 3D animated series in development, created to capture the adventurous spirit of 3 – 6 year olds. With broad appeal, cute characters and a sunny outlook, Tiki the Fishergirl explores friendship, the environment and stereotypes with warmth and humour.


Tiki is a fun-loving 8-year-old girl living on a beautiful tropical island in the Pacific, where all her friends and family rely on the local fishermen to catch dinner each day.


Unlike most of the other girls who are taught to look after the village and prepare food, fishing is Tiki’s favourite thing in the world. Her dream is to sail off one day and search for the elusive fish to catch. For now, she sticks to exploring the island with her best friends Jake and Quinn. But their adventures don’t always go as planned!


Fishing on the island has been supporting the village for generations. But for the past few seasons the fish have declined in number and every time when the fishermen come home. Tiki becomes concerned and with her friends she is determined to find out why!

Tiki The Fishergirl