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As the latest addition to the Fotomedia team, my first major task was to lend a hand with the re-designing of PRIMETIME – Digicel’s popular TV magazine.

PRIMETIME is a fresh and diverse publication which encompasses the Top 10 TV Picks of the week, cover stories of your favourite movies, and is packed full of articles on everything you need to know about the latest TV series.
Our aim in the initial design phase was to create a magazine that was easy to read with clean, crisp and simple designs, yet also pushes the boundaries of visual captivation and delight. One of the key features of the magazine was the use of Digicel’s coloured fractal in the crafting of the ‘fly in’ headers and the ‘show times’ transparent boxes which helped create a sense of clean, refined modernism which is just what the PRIMETIME magazine needed.
As with any project there were challenges. Trying to re-design an 84 paged special edition magazine in two weeks was no easy feat, but we were certainly up for the challenge.

With the combination of the four creatives from the Brisbane office, we are stoked to have the distinctive ‘new look’ PRIMETIME magazine hitting the shores of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region in the next few days.

You can take a read of the ‘new look’ Primetime Magazine at

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