Cancer Council

Cancer Council Queensland approached Fotomedia with the idea that they wanted to create something that would promote their brand identity to their staff and volunteers, but have it different from their usual corporate commercials and photography of actual brand items. So, we sat down and developed a creative concept of creating a 2D animation based on line drawn style characters that would be engaging and fun to watch.


Firstly the look and feel needed to be created and approved by client. Simplicity was part of the brief, so we came up with the idea of using stick-men on a faded/abstract background, which gave emphasis on the characters and important text that needed to be conveyed. We then worked closely with Cancer Council on the script and drew up storyboards to show how each scene would be portrayed. The animated video followed and we work hard to get a simple, but quirky feel to it that was fun to watch. Our animators had fun with the characters and created a little scene at the end where one guy is waving a little too enthusiastically and another female character looks over and smiles at him. It is these small quirky additions to animation, that while aren’t really noticeable, make watching it fun and make the overall video engaging to the viewers. The animation project was well received by the client.


Client Feedback:

“It’s rare to work with a team who just ‘get it’ and are true storytellers. Fotomedia take the time to understand your business and go above and beyond to deliver a quality product that just blows us away every time.”

Natalie Hodgskin – Executive Manager – Strategic Marketing & Partnerships – Cancer Council Queensland