Evolve Skateboards

Evolve Skateboards were launching the new Carbon GT series skateboard and wanted to create an online marketing campaign that would create a buzz within their target audience that would lead to a large volume of presales when the product launched on their website.


Fotomedia has worked with Evolve Skateboards for a number of years delivering campaign, video and photography solutions.


Fotomedia worked with the marketing team at Evolve Skateboards to develop a strategy that would tease the new product over a period of a couple of weeks, releasing new information in the form of email newsletters, photographs and videos showing a little more about the product each time.


The Fotomedia team executed this strategy by providing video production, photography and digital solutions.


The result lead to a large increase of conversations on their social media platforms, positive interaction between Evolve and their customers, as well as customers interacting with each other. Fotomedia created a series of short Instagram and Facebook videos showing certain elements of the new board, as well as did a product photo shoot of the new board. The final reveal was a video showcasing the board with ex World Champion vert skater Tas Pappas.


On the day that the new skateboard launched they took over $1 million in sales in one day! This far exceeded their expectations of the campaign leading to the new skateboard becoming out of stock within a few hours and pre-orders for the new board mounting up. The pre-launch online campaign was a huge success for Evolve Skateboards and pre-orders for the board are still rolling in.


The campaign won an award at the Brisbane Advertising and Design Awards (BADC) as well as at the International Davey Awards.