Huawei engaged Fotomedia to design and execute a television and print marketing campaign for the launch of the Huawei Mate S mobile handset in Papua New Guinea. This campaign was a co-production between TCM and Fotomedia.


The campaign reach was targeted to a younger audience with the uptake of data and mobile apps becoming part of the Papua New Guinea youth culture. Fotomedia used this information and the actual functional capabilities of the Mate S handset as its inspiration for the creative.


The idea behind the creative was to play off the functionality of the phone, in particular the “knuckle” function which enables the user to swipe the interface as a shortcut for applications. The interface creates a light trail effect which became central to the idea of the commercial. These knuckle actions dictated the creative was a night shoot as well as dictating the use of animation as part of the execution.




The Television commercial was shot over 4 days, utilising late afternoons and early evening. The story revolves around a group of people at a sunset party, all drawn together with the tag line “Friends Forever”. The shoot entailed locations in the mountains behind Port Moresby, hidden river beds in the valleys and beach locations outside of the National Capital District. Logistically this project was a large undertaking with talent and extras, art direction, locations, and some technical crew all being pre-produced from Australia with the help of TCM Agency. The execution went to plan with only a few major storms and power outages creating some scheduling nightmares. Once in post-production, Fotomedia cut the project to a song written by “Jokema”, Papua New Guineas number one pop star. The animation was designed and executed by our in-house animation team with the final product very well received by Huawei.




Fotomedia produced a range of deliverables for print from Billboards, press ads to flags and backdrops. The layouts revolved around the “friends forever” positioning statement, with the photography brief designed before setting foot in country. The execution of the photography was focussed on capturing a different take on the same creative, so as a set all the collateral was consistent and all encompassing.