Sonic Healthcare

Fotomedia was privileged to develop Australia’s National Bowl Cancer Screening Program animated explainer video on behalf of our client, Sonic Healthcare. Our task was to adapt the instruction pamphlet found in each Home Test Kit into an easy-to-follow animated explainer video that all Australians could engage with.


Sonic Healthcare had already developed a clear and well defined visual direction for the NBCSP. To ensure art consistency with the instruction pamphlet and the explainer, our animation team used the Home Test Kit and instruction pamphlet as a “bible” for the project.


Artwork was meticulously re-drawn and re-built for movement in animation, while a fluid and clear visual narrative was designed to flow each step into the other. Care was taken at each step in the explainer’s development cycle to ensure the video could be swiftly adapted in additional languages, including; Arabic, Greek, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.