Gold Coast Titans

Fotomedia were engaged to create a series of television commercials that evoke a sense of ownership within the Gold Coast, Northern NSW and SEQ community. One of the key objectives was to rebuild a sense of loyalty and pride for the football club from a community and fan perspective.


It’s always great to support your city’s teams, but it’s even a greater honour to be able to promote them and help bring their brand and events to life. This year we spent some time creating a pitch document for the Gold Coast Titans with some of the creative ideas our team had been brewing since last season. We sat down and talked about the future, strategies, creative and even talked a little bit of football too. The Gold Coast Titans love our ideas, so much so that they couldn’t just pick one for the year, so we were given to opportunity to execute 2 of our teams ideas.


We built our ideas around Titans core values, family, community, loyalty and a love for the game. We agreed on releasing 2 campaigns during the season. Both focusing on difference key objects but still with the core values in mind.


Our Colours:
The ‘Our Colours’ campaign, was released first in the 2016 seasons roll-out. It builds on the core values of loyalty and community. Really driving home that the Gold Coast Titans was built by Gold Coasters for Gold Coasters. ‘Our Colours’ is about the brand and what it means to the individual, what does wearing a Titans jersey mean, and what does it mean to be a Gold Coaster. This campaign highlights the strong community ties the team has with Junior Rugby, local business and the history they have built over the past 9 years. This campaign ultimately needed to showcase the connection we all have with the team through: Strength, Loyalty, Hard Work, Family and Never giving up.


Sounds Good:
The ‘Sounds Good’ campaign, was the second instalment of the 2016 seasons roll-out. This time we wanted to create something fast, exciting and exhilarating. ‘Sounds Good’ was designed around asking the question ‘What will your Friday Sound like?”, as we often ask ourselves what are we going to do tonight, this campaign had the answer.
‘Sounds Good’ was built entirely around the iconic sounds of the game and the moments and anticipation leading up to the first kick-off. We wanted the audience to be reminded of their first game experience, what sounds bought back memories and finally what sounds evoke the excitement of the game experience. Punchy with a bit of fun was the style and direction we chose best suited what a game day experience was all about. The first game this campaign promoted lead to a record turn out for a Monday night game, so it sounds like we might have hit the nail on the head.