The Bulimba office was subjected to some hair-raising recounts this week as Carlie has just returned from a week filming bull sharks in the open waters of beautiful Fiji.


Carlie and the group of scuba divers spent the week at Beqa Lagoon off Fiji’s main island where one of the world’s most dangerous sharks congregates to feed and give birth. Here, a strict and well-controlled operation has been established that allows divers the opportunity to witness a feeding frenzy with several species of sharks including bull and tiger sharks. Without a cage.


After all dive gear is prepared and cameras setup, reality sets in when the burly Fijians strap on their protective chainmail and load the boat with large wheelie bins containing an overwhelming fishy stench. From the rivermouth it’s a short 10 minute boat ride to the dive site, however it seemed like the longest ride while everyone hid their inner nerves.


Safety briefing complete, the group geared up then plunged into the water, descending the line one by one, whilst watching the aggregation of sharks circling below. The feed is conducted inside a man-made ‘amphitheatre’ and once all the divers gather around the wall, the feeders open the bins and the frenzy begins.


Carlie had the lucky opportunity to be taken inside the feeding arena and was heavily bodyguarded while capturing some incredible footage and images of the action unfolding. It wasn’t easy to keep the camera straight for long, with the many inquisitive bull sharks honing in and bumping the camera out of curiosity! We made sure to count Carlie’s fingers and toes when she got back to the studio!