When a client asks us to get creative and create something out of the box, we get excited! and that’s just what Digicel Fiji did.
We pitched a simple yet complex idea of tiny characters inside a brain, behind a control panel, making the big decisions. We wanted to go one step further though and have our talent be duplicated on screen, so there would be 3 copies of them at one time.


Building large scale sets, casting international Talent, live action mixed with animation, this one had it all.
Our team worked with Head’s Up Film Services to design and create as massive brain set our cast would be duplicated in. Adam and his team at Head’s Up produced a wicked set our Director of Photography couldn’t wait to get lit. Finally in the centre of the set was a control panel filled with lights and a massive red switch; which was the crux of the campaign ‘Making the Switch’.


‘Making the Switch’ was aimed to inspire old and new customers to switch to Digicel, by literally representing a mechanical ‘decision’ switch our cast would showcase on-screen. Speaking of cast, we had the absolute pleasure of working with Fijian comedians ‘Roq & Cav’ and none other than 2016 Miss World Fiji herself – Pooja Priyanka.
Our Talent had the challenging task to play multiple versions of the same characters emotions; Happy, Angry, Sad or Fear. Not only this, but they had to act to themselves! as we planned on compositing these takes together and duplicating 3 versions of each person on-screen in post-production to create the illusion they were talking to themselves.
Between the on-screen and off-screen antics (which you can see in the Bloopers), the cast and crew worked tireless filming for 3 gruelling 16 hour days in the Brain and on-location, to produce something Fiji had never seen before.

The final TVCs can be viewed here


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