Africa Trip


By: Jude Kalman

Last year, just for fun, and to tell a good story, for a good cause of course! I joined forces with Carrie-Anne Greenbank, reporter for Channel 9. She had just done a story on a Gold Coast teacher who left the comforts of the GC to start a school in Uganda, Africa. The news story had great success and was shown statewide. I was already planning a trip for the third part of UNCONTAINED LOVE, so as it goes we cut a deal and we headed out for a collaboration!

Cut to.

A trip filled with loads of adventure, including meeting Emmy award winning Sky News Garwen McLuckie, playing with the beautiful kids from 100% Hope and interviewing heart wrenching stories of refugees in Nigeria.

Africa Trip
Africa Trip

So the outcome.

This weekend Aussie Mum African Heart airs on Channel 9 nationwide at 4pm.

It follows the story of a Gold Coast teacher Trishelle Grady from Kings College who left the GC and started a school and home for kids in Mityana, Uganda.

Africa Trip

And then there is more!

On the 20th April 2017 UNCONTAINED LOVE will launch the Documentary Category for the Gold Coast Film Festival at Event Cinemas on the Gold Coast.

For over a decade now, a family from the Gold Coast have quietly driven an initiative that delivers shipping containers filled with educational supplies, medical equipment and other household goods to communities in need throughout Africa.

“Uncontained Love” is a series of three short documentaries about this initiative.

It tells stories of the transformation that occurs in these African communities when the containers are delivered, and the work of partnering organisations who, in the face of great need, respond in love. Already, the group have delivered much needed supplies and services to Malawi, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia.

“Uncontained Love: Love > Fear” seeks to stimulate conversation about refugees and how we might respond to the needs of those most profoundly impacted by crisis in Africa.

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Africa Trip